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About The Joy of Pie


Nala and Brad

I’m a 60+ year-old white cis-gender male who got a "good deal of the cards" and lived most of my life "coloring between the lines (CBTL)." CBTL meant school, more school and then a career path that took me from corporate America to the non-profit world (Habitat for Humanity) to a business start-up that currently limps along. It has included getting and staying married, raising children (who are now raising their own children), buying a house, paying taxes, moving several times, tending to the lawn, attending church, volunteering on some boards all while trying to eat right. And all while trying to see the glass as half full. 


While still generally optimistic, I’ve become acutely and increasingly interested in the joy of living. Particularly in a time when there is so much personal and societal pain and suffering. This inspired the creation of a model for living that I call The Joy of Pie.


Think of slices of this Pie as those parts of life that bring joy. While creating Pie solely for myself, others asked me to share the model/tool. So that's what I’m doing. I hope you find creating your own Pie helpful. And if you do, you’re invited to share your thoughts and experiences with others in the Forum who are also committed to “Having Their Pie and Eating it Too”!

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