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Got my Pie... Now What?

If you’ve put pencil to paper and created your first Pie, congratulations! You’ve now got a powerful tool to use so that “you can have your Pie, and eat it too!” Here are a few final suggestions on how to incorporate your Pie into your life:

Make it visible.

This is where a hard copy can be a really good idea. Lots of people post their Pie on the bathroom mirror so that they look at it first thing in the morning when they stand at the sink. As you glance at your Pie, scan your entries to see what joy you are going to experience during the day. Some things are a guarantee if you are obligated to do them. (For instance, walking our small dog assures that I’ll get outside for 40 minutes while easing in to what else the day holds.) If you don’t have obligatory joy items, peruse your Pie and decide where you are going to get your joy that day. This takes intention and, oftentimes, a plan of action.

Keep your antenna up.

Remember that Pie is ever-fluid. You can add things at any time. With eyes and ears open, you will frequently bump into items that catch your attention. These occur serendipitously. You’ll know when you come upon an idea that should be added to your Pie. Just the thought of having that experience or connecting with that person will instantly make you smile.

Remove items from your Pie.

In my experience, while you are more likely to add to your Pie than delete, there are times when it is critical to be ruthless with your Pie. Remove items from your Pie that are there for the wrong reason (i.e., feels overly obligatory, makes you think better about yourself versus it gives you joy, or that you simply no longer want to do it because there really isn’t joy available there.) A well-crafted Pie becomes a great aid in saying no to things that come your way that you really don’t want to do.

Avoid “To-Do List” Thinking.

As you get more comfortable with the spirit of Pie, remember you shouldn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed by your Pie (i.e., I didn’t do all that I wanted to today - remember, tomorrow is truly another day.) If your Pie is like a menu to a fine restaurant where you decided all the choices- from appetizers, to entrees to dessert - know that you don’t have to “eat” everything in one “sitting”. In fact, knowing that there are numerous other sources of joy that you didn’t get to today- but that you could in the next 24 or 48 hours- is what I’d call a great problem to have.

Revisit your Pie at the end of the day.

Maybe you are brushing your teeth before bed and you confirm that you found joy in at least one slice (or hopefully multiple slices) of your Pie. If you have a smile on your face when you are done reflecting on this, count yourself blessed. Today was “pie-worthy.”

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